Basics of Injection Molding

Basics of Plastic Injection Molding

Whether you’re new to plastics, trying to source your next project, or an engineer, in order to fully grasp injection molding, you must first understand the basics of how it all works. In this post, we’re going to attempt to make it as simple as possible to help you learn what all goes into molding plastic parts.

What is Injection Molding?

Injection molding is the most common manufacturing process for manufacturing plastic parts.  The process involves designing the product, tooling up a mold, and then the manufacturing process of melting plastic resin pellets and using pressure to inject them into a mold. (more…)

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Echo Engineering Further Expands Ammex Plastics

Echo Engineering Further Expands Ammex Plastics

Monroe, Michigan — Parent company Echo Engineering is investing more than a million dollars in expanding Ammex Plastics in Monroe, Michigan. The expansion includes an extra 21,000 square feet to grow its manufacturing capabilities. Ammex expects to create 20-30 new jobs over the next year to accommodate for the increase in manufacturing demands from the automotive industry. The facility will include manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, and receiving.

The expansion will allow space to accommodate for 3-5 more injection presses in addition to the four presses Ammex has added this year.  Ammex is a major supplier of innovative plastic injection molded pieces to the OEM industry in Michigan. “The industry is shifting to electric vehicle models that create a challenge for OEM to shift how the car is designed, this is where Ammex is a valued partner,” says Chris Wells, Plant Manager of Ammex Plastics. “We design over 3,000 custom components every year and partner with our customers from ideation to fulfillment, especially in innovative and complex molding.”

Automotive megatrends are driving the demand for innovative engineering design. The auto industry is seeing exponential growth in electric vehicles with a particular focus on lightweighting, electrification, and connectivity. “Our brand-new hybrid 610-ton press allows us to reach new levels of precision with shorter cycle times.  The press is already booked around the clock and it’s been on-line for less than 6 months.  We’re working to add another one,” according to Wells. “Rebuilding the engineering and innovation knowledge base that drives American manufacturing is what gets us out of bed in the morning.  We have become a valuable source of these skills as the automotive industry shifts towards electrification and mobility” states Kingdon Offenbacker, CEO of Ammex Plastic and Echo Company.

The company will begin hiring for operators, die setters, supervisors, and mold techs starting in 2021.

The new facility expects to be fully operational in Q2 of 2021.


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Plastic Clip and Fastener Designs

Lightweighting continues to remain a top priority for automotive manufacturers in order to help them meet strict fuel-efficiency requirements or to help get them one step closer towards getting the most mileage out EVs battery.  One way tiered suppliers are going about this is by redesigning traditional metal clamps with well designed injection-molded clips and fasteners.

Design engineering a plastic part to replace without compromising performance requires expertise in design, material, tooling, injection molding, and validation testing.  In this post, we’re going to explore some of the designs that have become the go-to for tier-1s and OEMs over the years.


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Automotive trends with plastics

Automotive Trends: Converting Metal Brackets to Plastic Clips

With the rise of Electric Vehicles and more demanding fuel efficiency regulation being mandated, is metal becoming a thing of the past?

Plastic is increasingly being used in place of metal for many different purposes. Specifically, plastic clips are replacing metal brackets used on automotive fluid routing assemblies as mounting supports for HVAC and brake lines. Plastic clips are perfect alternatives in these automotive applications and many more.

Why are manufacturers looking to convert more brackets to plastic?

  • Plastics cost less than metal and less costly to manufacture
  • Ability to manufacture more complex designs
  • Weight reduction

Plastic clips have multiple benefits. In the following, we discuss the top advantages of replacing metal brackets with plastic clips. (more…)

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Ammex Plastics Launches Revamped Website

Ammex Plastics, an Echo company, has recently launched their new, revamped website: This site highlights the company’s automotive expertise and design capabilities in an appealing and organized format.  The website also features newly added educational blog section with a focus on technical injection molding and plastics content, as well as what’s new at Ammex and Echo.

Ammex Plastics’ focus rests on tight tolerances for automotive connecting, fastening, and suspension components that meet and surpass strict OEM requirements, which is what the revamped website highlights. (more…)

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The Complexities of Manufacturing High-Quality Automotive Barbed Connecters

The burden of hose connector part design and design for manufacturability has shifted from the OEM to the tier-1 supplier and their injection molding partner.  Throughout this post, we’ll discuss the reasons behind this shift, what makes a fluid connector technically complex, and the expertise your molding partner needs to deliver a stable and repeatable part. (more…)

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Echo Engineering Brings $2.4 Million & 60 Jobs to Michigan-Based Location

Indianapolis, Ind., – Echo Engineering is investing $2.4 million into 60+ full-time jobs with additional real estate and automated manufacturing equipment in the recently acquired plastic injection molding facilities in Michigan.

The two facilities, located in Monroe and Frenchtown Township, are expected to grow by 30% in the next year with the support of Echo’s investment and a $210,000 performance-based grant received from the Michigan Business Development Program.

The investment focuses on providing additional operations capacity including injection molding machines with automated robotics, increasing warehouse facility capacity, and growing teams to support the daily operations at the Michigan locations.

[quote style=””]”To date, since we made the acquisition, in the first six months we have added 21 full-time positions, and we have already invested more than $1.0 million.” – Kingdon Offenbacker, CEO[/quote]

Echo Engineering acquired Ammex Plastics in October 2017 to create additional manufacturing capabilities to its customers. The full-service plastic components manufacturer primarily supports the automotive industry for custom plastic component technologies including clips, mounts, and fittings for fluid routing, fastening, and suspension systems.

The Michigan Business Development Program is part of an incentive program from the Michigan Strategic Fund, and is in cooperation with the Michigan Economic Development Corp. This program supports local businesses, including manufacturing facilities, by pushing for growth within the state in hopes of creating job opportunities.

Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, Inc. is a design and engineering business that develops and manufactures direct and indirect product. Echo’s Core Solution delivers risk reduction, product development speed, and ultimately a responsive commitment to customers’ design & engineering process, supply chain capacity, and manufacturing process.

Core Product Technologies are focused on Sealing, Connecting, NVH, Fastening, and other customer focused products. Echo is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN with additional locations in Monroe, MI; Milpitas, CA; Shanghai, China; and Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Ammex building

Echo Engineering Broadens Capabilities by Acquiring Ammex Plastics

Echo Engineering and Production Supplies, Inc. announced today the recent acquisition of Ammex Plastics, a full-service plastic components manufacturer based in Monroe, MI.

Echo, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, serves world-class companies in diverse industries by providing them with both custom and catalog parts which focus on masking, protecting, and hanging, as well as rubber and plastic OEM components aligning with five core competencies – connecting technology; sealing technology; fastener, clip, and tie technology; housing, class A static and dynamic technology; and NVH management technology. (more…)

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