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Ammex Plastics is a full service plastic injection molding manufacturer primarily serving the automotive industry by manufacturing fluid routing, fastening, interior, and suspension system components - including plastic clips, mounts, fittings, fasteners, isolators, bumpers, and quick connects, while maintaining a defect rate of under 0.5 PPM.

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Your Automotive Injection Molding Pros

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Quality Parts, Molded By Experience

Ammex is an injection molding manufacturer with proven expertise in designing and creating suspension, connecting, and fastening components with tight tolerances for the automotive industry.

Have a project coming up? Just kicking the tires (pun intended) to see what other automotive parts providers are out there?

See why Ammex is the injection molding manufacurer of choice for many automotive teams when they’re looking for high-quality, domestic-produced automotive components.

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Connector Manufacturing Expertise

We have manufactured more than 1 million fluid routing connectors. See why we stand out when it comes to our connecting expertise!

Plastic Connecting
Automotive injection molded clip manufacturer

Fastener Manufacturing Expertise

When it comes to nylon clips and fasteners, experience truly matters. Ammex has a deep understanding of how to manufacture fastening components, including insertion and removal force, material flow, and light-weighting.

Suspension Manufacturing Expertise

Injection-molded suspension components involve a complex mix of material selection, mold flow, and component design. Ammex prides itself on its depth of experience in creating top-of-the-line suspension components for the automotive industry.

injection molded suspension

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Our Capabilities

Injection Molding

Ammex’s facility operates 20 injection molding presses to manufacture high-quality custom plastic components that meet tight OEM requirements.

Engineering Design Services

Our engineering team will help guide your custom component project from beginning to end. This includes an in-depth mold flow analysis to ensure a perfect end product.

Materials Expertise

We have decades of experience as an injection molding manufacturer and have worked with all varieties of plastic resin – including nylon, LDPE, Thermylene®, and TPU. Let us help guide you on which ones to use for your project!

Quality Standards

Ammex Plastics has established a comprehensive quality management system, which enables our company to meet or exceed all requirements of IATF 16949:2016.