[anps_featured link_target=”_self” style=”” title=”Connecting” image_u=”2178″ link=”/connecting” icon_custom=”2279″ icon_custom_hover=”2282″]We have manufactured more than 1 million fluid routing connectors. See why we stand out when it comes to our connecting expertise![/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” style=”” title=”Fastening” image_u=”2480″ link=”/fastening” icon_custom=”2293″ icon_custom_hover=”2294″]When it comes to nylon clips and fasteners, experience truly matters. Ammex has a deep understanding of how to manufacture fastening components.[/anps_featured]
[anps_featured link_target=”_self” style=”” title=”Suspension” image_u=”2478″ link=”/suspension” icon_custom=”2303″ icon_custom_hover=”2304″]Ammex prides itself on its depth of experience in creating top-of-the-line suspension components for the automotive industry.[/anps_featured]